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ADVENTURE RIVER - While floating alone or in a family tube, you'll be sure to get wet in this adventuresome river complete with geysers, waterfalls, and its own wave-making machine! BAHAMA FALLS - Ride the rapids on one of three tube slides and splash down into the Adventure River! BLACK THUNDER - A four-slide complex complete with special effects and waterfalls. Whether it's the Twin Twisters or Witches Gulch, you'll be sure to leave this black hole afraid of the dark! CONGO BONGO - This great family activity is 700 feet of twists and turns. Board a five person raft and enjoy the ride together! BIG KAHUNA - ready to ride the ocean-size waves? Head for the Big Kahuna to swim in the surf, or grab a tube and ride the waves! DARK VOYAGE - Looking for a great family ride? Well you won't see anything here as this twisting, turning mammoth rapids is in the DARK! Have as many as 4 people per tube. BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Many enter, few return… 3 relaxing tube slides offering single or double riding. SLIDEWINDERS - This 5 slide complex offers exciting body slides for the young and old alike. Double riding is allowed for a parent and child at this twisting waterway. PARADISE LAGOON Activity Area - A bunch of fun activities located in one pool. Choose from 2 lily pad walks, 2 cable drops, 3 cannonball chutes, 2 body slides, a jumping rock and a shallow swim area. OCTOEXPLORER - One of four interactive kiddie play areas with geysers, slides, and swings. BLACK ANACONDA - Over 1/4 mile long. Six hair-raising climbs. 30 mph spiraling drops. YOU CAN'T SCREAM LONG ENOUGH! Defy gravity as the rushing waters push you up the creature's mighty humps and lash you about in the darkness of its twisting coils. BUMPER BOATS - Haven't seen your group in a while? Run into them at our bumper boat pond. THE WAVE Wavepool - Try our second wavepool offering relaxing waves and our very own Swirl River. POINT OF NO RETURN - Two extreme body slides with special racing features. It's 10 stories up, 5 seconds Down ... Are you brave enough to dare? THE PLUNGE - Do you dare to drop? Two side by side vertical-drop slides that will leave your stomach at the top! The Plunge is the only extreme head-first waterslide in the Midwest. NOAH'S INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE - New in 2003 - Noah's Incredible Adventure - a topsy-turvy wild ride of discovery. It's the only dry ride of its kind in the country! New mirror maze added for 2004 season to complete the journey. KOWABUNGA - Gather the gang in a tube and shoot over 3 drop-offs in this 500-foot ride. Hold on tight because these 2 babies are FAST! STINGRAY - The only double slide of its kind in the country! You can ride single or double facing your partner. JUNGLE RAPIDS - A combination mat and tube slide complex that offers mach speeds through twisting turns in 5 different sliding sensations. MINI GOLF - Time to dry off? Try your stroke at our 18-hole jungle mini-golf. A great time to grab some shade. FLASH FLOOD - Grab 20 friends and hope for the best! This huge boat will drop out of sight creating a mammoth wave of water at the bottom. After the ride, stand on the bridge and wait for the wave. It's almost as fun to watch as it is to ride. FLASH FLOOD - The view from the Wisconsin Dells Parkway. It really is almost as fun to watch as it is to ride.

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